Canterbury - FAQs

Saturday School Reception Number

Tel: 01227 811 148

Are we part of The BRIT School?

We certainly are part of The BRIT school, we are The BRIT School's Saturday School and run to the same ethos, to celebrate creativity and allow students a space to explore the arts. BRIT kids launched 20 years ago in Croydon.

Do you offer trial classes?

Unfortunately we don’t offer trials for our other classes, but we are happy to book an appointment for you and your child to be shown around at a mutually convenient time. Trial classes can cause disruption for the existing students. We are on all social media platforms and have a u tube channel. These offer insights into what it is like to attend BRIT kids and examples of classroom content.

How is the year organised?

We run three terms per year: Autumn, Spring and Summer. Our terms are approx. 12 weeks long, with one Saturday off for half terms.

How do we apply to join BRIT Kids?

You simply need to complete an online application form - this is available through the 'apply now' link on the website.  Just tick the boxes of the classes your child would like to attend and an admin person will be in contact. You may choose one to four classes, should your class not be available admin will contact you with an alternative.

How are places allocated?

We allocate a place based on the information given on the application, including age and experience - therefore we do not audition our students. We offer classes for all levels within our age boundaries. 

Is there a waiting list?

We allocate new places up to week 3 of each term. If we cannot allocate your child a place we will communicate with you and allocate them for the next term.

Do you have a catchment area?

No, however, we do expect all students to show commitment in attending each week, arriving on time and being available for longer days when performing and rehearsing.

Do we have to pay for classes?

Yes; you can find prices in The About section. Our charges are very competitive, and we have no hidden charges. Once you have been allocated a place you will receive an invoice termly, including information on ways to pay your fee. Please note: unpaid fees will result in your child's place being withdrawn.

Do we reapply each term?

No. Once you are with us we simply invoice you termly, before the end of each current term. Any changes that you wish to make should be asked for before the start of the new term. If your child decides not to return, we request that you let us know with 4 weeks notice prior to the start of the next term.

Do we need to bring equipment or buy costumes?

No. Your fee covers all equipment that is needed. All costumes are kept to a minimum of what you would already have at home, i.e a bright t-shirt and leggings.

Do you have shows?

Each performing class will be involved in one show per year. These are held in one of the theatre spaces at the school. For Visual Art and Media classes we have an exhibition at least once a year to showcase the students’ work.  Our creative arts and media students have an annual show. This takes the form of a collaborative exhibition, presenting works made, showcasing filmmaking and Digital Design.

Do you have to buy tickets for your shows?

We charge £5 per ticket for our performing arts shows. This fee only applies to performances in one of our main theatres, and is to cover the technical cost the space incurs.

Do you have a uniform?

No. At BRIT Kids we believe all students are individual. We only ask that students wear loose comfortable clothes so they can move and take part in all class activities. For dance we ask for no black soled trainers as these mark our studio floor, so we suggest dance shoes, trainers or bare feet and no jeans.

Do you run an agency or offer exams?

We do not run an agency within BRIT Kids nor offer exams.

Applying to join Canterbury College or The BRIT School

The BRIT School has entry in Year 10 and Year 12. Students apply in the Autumn Term of Year 9 or Year 11. Applications are welcomed from children at BRIT Kids. However, parents should be aware that while BRIT Kids provides children with an excellent foundation in the arts, it is not in itself an entrance programme for a place on our full-time courses. The applications procedure and criteria which are taken into consideration are outlined fully in the school prospectus, and parents/guardians of children who are interested are strongly advised to refer to this. Open Evenings in the Autumn provide the opportunity to find out more about courses and application procedures. Full details can be shown on the website, https://www.brit.croydon.sch.uk/


Please use the above link to apply to Canterbury College