Fees and Term Dates

BRIT KIDS Canterbury - Course Fees

We are so confident that your child will love our classes, any NEW customers will start on an automatic 4 week trial basis. Then, should you wish, you can remove your child at the end of week 4 with no notice period required. 

* 4 week payment, which is your first instalment, is required to secure your child's place. We ask should you wish to remove your child after 4 weeks you let us know. If you decide to continue with us you will be allocated the same classes on a termly basis and  our standard notice period of 4 weeks will apply.


Classes last for one or two hours. Each term is 12 weeks. You can choose to do 1, 2 or 3 classes, Classes run between 9.30 - 12.30.

3 Hours of Classes 2 Hours of Classes 1 Hour of Class

£288 per term  (select 3x from the 6 offered)

£193 per term for siblings (33% discount)

£230 per term £115 per term


  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Singing


  • Art Club
  • Film Making
  • Digital Design
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • Music Production


At BRIT Kids, we are all about celebrating both the Creative and the Performing Arts, so your child can choose to mix and match their classes.


Where there is more than one child from a family, the second and subsequent children are offered the discounted rate only if all children attend any three classes. The second and subsequent children will then be offered a 33% discount. Therefore, 3 classes for a second  and subsequent children would be £193.  Sibling discount only applies to children living at the same address. 

The EKC group, The BRIT School, BRIT kids Staff and Canterbury College student discounts

Should you be a member of staff at any of the EKC sites, The BRIT School or BRIT Kids, you will receive a discount of 1/3 off for any children attending BRIT Kids. Should you be an existing student at Canterbury College, you will receive a 10% discount whilst you are studying at Canterbury College. Please make sure you tick the correct boxes on the application form so that these discounts are applied.


Term Start Date End Date No. Weeks


(Half term break, 28th October)

16th September 2023 9th December 2023 12 Weeks


(No break due to Easter weekend)

6th January 2024 23rd March 2024 12 Weeks


(Half term break, 1st June)

20th April 2024


13th July 2024


12 Weeks


Term Start Date End Date No. Weeks


(Half term break, 26th October)

14th September 2024 7th December 2024 12 Weeks


(Half term break, 22nd February)

11th January 2025 5th April 2025 12 Weeks


(Half term break, 31st May)

Note: 5 weeks then 7 weeks

26th April 2025


19th July 2025


12 Weeks