BRIT Kids at Canterbury College film and media classes are packed with cutting edge equipment delivered by enthusiastic teachers. We believe these classes build team-working skills whilst igniting the creative mind.



Course Type

Film & Media class

Course Length

  • 1 hour between 9.30 and 12.30 for our 7-10 year old filmmakers. This class goes well with all our other 1 hour classes.
  • Fees, each class is £115 per 12 week term.
  • Specialist Film is a 2 hour class, with a fee of £230 per 12 week term, for 11+ students. You can add another 1 hour class should you wish, from any discipline if the timetable allows.
  • Should you choose 3 hours of classes, the third hour has a 50% discount.  See About section for further details.

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Film Making (ages 7-18)

Course Overview 

Filmmaking is a creative, fun and contemporary subject. It enables students to embrace their imagination and develop creatively. The course explores different aspects of filmmaking, from using camera equipment to crafting a story. Filmmaking students will learn how some of their favourite films are made, how great films are written and filmed, and how to produce a visual narrative themselves.  Students will develop artistic skills such as cinematography and storytelling as well as skills in teamwork, leadership, and independent learning. This course is open to students who want to explore all aspects of Film, not just directing and filming but also screenwriting. Students will also experience screen acting, should they wish to act in their own films.

We promote collaboration, a particular strength that filmmaking provides, ensuring students gain long-term friendships with their peers. The two hour Specialist Film Class is for 11+ students would want to focus on Film and develop their skills further through these longer sessions. Note, children will be filmed in this class, and they will appear in show reels, therefore the GDPR consent form will need to be completed on application.