Music Production

BRIT Kids at Canterbury College celebrates creativity through its dynamic classes taught by energetic and passionate teachers of their specialism. We believe that Creativity and the freedom to be creative is vital for young people to gain so many life skills. 


Course Type

Music Production

Course Length

We offer a 2 hour Specialist Music Production, for 11+ students. This goes well with any of our one hour classes.

1 hour class for 7-10 year olds. This one hour class goes well with any of our other one hour classes offered.

  • Fees, £230 per 12 week term - 2 hour course. £115 per 12 week term - 1 hour course.
  •  Should you choose 3 hours of classes, the third hour has a 50% discount. Siblings have a 33% discount. See the About section for further information.
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Music Production

Course Overview 


Music production lies at the heart of the music business but is also fundamental to many other creative industries. The skills that the student will acquire in this class will allow them to explore a broad range of fields in music and sound, including audio for moving images. Students will learn how to synthesise/design sounds using electronic software and their own recordings.



These created textures can be used in many different situations, for example:

  • Producing music (songs and backing tracks etc.)

  • Recording vocals (singers, rappers, voice actors)

  • Composing music for games, TV, film and theatre

  • Recording and designing sounds and effects for games, TV, film and theatre

  • Live and recorded sound engineering (controlling of sounds for bands and studio recordings).

  • Sound art


Over the year students will develop the skills and confidence to produce audio using Logic Pro X, which is widely used within the music industry. They will be encouraged to experiment and explore new creative paths, discover how to design sounds through manipulation of digital and recorded sounds and learn the fundamentals of recording and creating their own pieces to build a personal portfolio of sound and music.

We offer a one hour class for our younger students and a Specialist two hour class, for our 11+ students, giving them more focused time on their chosen specialism.

We are now partnered with Sound and Music. Through this partnership students will be involved in the Minute of Listening project where they will create 60 seconds of sound to be featured on Minute of Listening. Minute of Listening is a completely free resource, developed to assist and inspire primary teachers of all levels of musical experience and confidence, to find new ways to engage their class in reflective listening and thinking.