BRIT Kids King's Cross Bursary​​​​​​​

BRIT Kids King's Cross Bursary Application Form

Children living in Kings Cross and surrounding boroughs may be able to get help with the fees to BRIT Kids, The BRIT Schools Saturday provision. We will be offering bursaries across all our disciplines to young people aged 7 - 18 years old. Our Bursary students' year would run from Sept- July

Currently we can offer 20 bursary places at BRIT kids Kings Cross. Children  should select a maximum of 3 one hour classes or 2 one and half hour classes on the bursary application form. Please do not select more than this. Refer to the website for course descriptions.

Please do not commence your lessons if you are relying on the funding to pay for the lessons. 

We will be allocating bursaries as 50%, 75% or 100% of the child’s fees. Please note that 100% bursaries are only awarded for households with an income under £25,000. We accept applications from households with an income of £40,000 or under.

Bursaries awarded will be reviewed annually. Students must show commitment, and good behavior to be considered to continue with their bursary from one year to the next. Should a child not attend 3 weeks in succession and not advise us, they risk having their place removed and re-allocated.  We ask that they attend at least 10 of a 12 week term, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Continuing bursaries will be reviewed annually.

If we are able to offer your child a bursary, we will contact you via email. You will then be required to register on our App. We can guide you through this process.