Our Mission Statement


At BRIT Kids:

We are interested in this melting pot of creativity, allowing children to move between the Performing, Creative and Media classes, meaning there really is something for everyone. We have a strong ethos for how this creativity is delivered and wish for this to be reflected in each BRIT Kids Saturday School;

we welcome all children, from all walks of life and creative abilities. BRIT Kids is not to judge on creative ability but to encourage commitment, good attendance and praise fully focused participation. This is a Saturday school and should have a delicate balance between learning and fun. Teachers should be on first name terms and should strive to educate in a warm, inviting atmosphere, however with a firm objective to impart the joys of their specialism to a high level;

we have a structure underpinning it that comes direct from The BRIT School, meaning that we reflect the high levels of teaching and learning at our Saturday Schools. Simply because the classes happen on a Saturday should not mean that they are any less considered and planned for;

we ask teachers to be creative, contemporary and self-directed. We want teaching at BRIT Kids to be the highlight of their week. We believe that allowing teachers to devise and create their own class content, means that they have ownership over what they are delivering and therefore passion and knowledge to deliver at a high level. Teachers are asked to devise their own projects and write their own schemes of work, with support and guidance, when needed by the Director. The emphasis on contemporary, unique and challenging is important to us. Teachers are encouraged to take risks and step out of their comfort zone.

The joy of teaching is that, although we have high expectations, level descriptors and ask for schemes of work, teachers are not confined by a curriculum.



We Are Unique

BRIT Kids was launched by the BRIT School in 2002 as the school wanted to reach out to the local community, allowing everyone to have access to the school's facilities on a Saturday, when it would otherwise be empty. Initially, it started with Performing Arts classes, but over time it was identified that there was a need and want for children to come and attend Creative Arts and Media classes too. We are proud to have been able to reach out to our local communities for over 20 years in London and Kent.

BRIT Kids performance shows and exhibitions are all unique. We have dedicated scriptwriters who develop plays for our students.  This way, teachers can reflect and respond to current social issues and young people's interests. This allows devising in the older groups and even students script writing in collaboration with the teachers. All performers have opportunities to work across the art forms and present the skills they have learnt.

Our Creative Arts exhibitions are vibrant and interactive, with a large annual exhibition.

At BRIT Kids we actively encourage collaborations, classroom sharing and exhibitions. Each group of children have one main show or exhibition a year to share with parents. 


Bringing Creativity to the Community

BRIT Kids ethos is ultimately to create a community feel on a Saturday that ignites children’s creativity and allows them to experience high quality teaching, build confidence and peer relations. BRIT Kids can play an important part in a child’s life, for some children we will be the highlight of their week. Every class is a building block to enhance a child’s confidence, skills and positive relationships rather than focusing on the final outcome.