Exhibitions and Performances

BRIT Kids is all about celebrating our individuality and creativity, and all performances are written by our scriptwriters. This way, we can incorporate all our performing arts strands into one show, and tailor the plays to reflect the students, society and issues that we believe are important to address. It means scripts can be devised in the workshops, songs can be contemporary, and dance can be used to communicate on many different levels. The shows you come to watch will be unique to BRIT Kids - this is something we are very proud of! At BRIT Kids we think it is important to watch others perform, to celebrate their work but also as a tool to learn about performance, stage presentation, projection and so much more. Depending on the size of BRIT Kids at your local school, there will be several productions of performing arts a year, and several times a year children will watch dress rehearsals with their class. Students enjoy performing to their own peer groups; it cements friendships and promotes the supportive community we encourage at BRIT Kids.

We charge a small ticket fee for our performing arts shows(entry for 0-3 year olds is free). 

All costumes are kept to a minimum of what you would already have at home, i.e a bright t-shirt and leggings.