BRIT Kids Croydon - Course Fees

At BRIT Kids we offer a wide range of Performing and Creative Arts classes. Therefore, we have several fee options.



  • Dance

  • Theatre

  • Singing

  • Songwriting

  • Street Dance


Classes last for one hour. Each term is 12 weeks.

3 Classes 2 Classes 1 Class
£275 per term  (select 3x from the 5 offered) £220 per term £110 per term



  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Digital Design
  • Art Club
  • Music Production
  • Songwriting
  • Film making
  • Radio
  • Design Illustration & Printmaking

Classes last for one hour and a half hours. Each term is 12 weeks.

3 Classes 2 Classes 1 Class
£368 per term  (select 3x from the 8 offered) £294 per term £147 per term



At BRIT Kids, we are all about celebrating both the Creative and the Performing Arts, so your child can choose to mix and match their classes.

Our administrator will calculate your individual invoices. If you attend three or more classes at BRIT Kids, the lowest price class will be offered with a 50% discount.


Where there is more than one child from a family, the second and subsequent children are offered the discounted rate only if all children attend any three classes or more. The second and subsequent children will then be offered a 33% discount. Therefore, they will receive a 50% discount off their lowest rate class, PLUS an additional 33% sibling discount off the total. Sibling discount only applies to children living at the same address.


BRIT Kids in collaboration with Nordoff Robbins: £100 per 10 week course.


Please note that fees are payable on a termly basis and must be paid before the first day of term.

You will be advised as to how to make payment once you have been allocated a place. Chasing of late payments will incur and additional fee.