Rambert Grades (Ages 13-18)

We are partnering with Rambert Grades to deliver an exciting contemporary syllabus class. The class will combine creative and technical aspects of contemporary dance and give students the opportunity to participate in a performance exam at the end of the year. The students will learn solo pieces choreographed by leading artists such as Hofesch Shechter as part of their exam work. The sessions are structured holistically and will cover warm ups, technical and travelling exercises, set choreography and creative work.The exam will be structured by BRIT kids and could be observed in a variety of ways from a showcase to a class exam and will be very much led by individual students.

“From a landmark collaboration between two of the world’s leading contemporary dance organisations, Rambert School and Rambert dance company, comes Rambert Grades.

The benchmark for creative contemporary dance learning and practice, Rambert Grades is an exceptional and unique framework. Our syllabus is accessible for people from all backgrounds, working with the whole person and developing transferable skills.

Rambert Grades is an awarding organisation recognised by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual).”

These classes work well with Specialist Dance. We will be starting Rambert Grades with grade 4, therefore some previous dance experience will be required. Should you require any guidance on this please contact Sgodin@brit.croydon.sch.uk

Class Details: These classes will run 11am-12.30pm and are £160 a term. We understand that the dance industry needs more boys, we are keen to support this, therefore boys taking this class will receive a discount of 33% discount (£107 a term).